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Piano Tuning & Repair from Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania and Claymont, Delaware

For all your piano tuning and repair service needs, contact Donald Roberts Piano Service today in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania and Claymont Delaware. Since 1977, we have been helping customers get the highest quality sound and performance out of their pianos. My piano service business is owned-operated by me alone, meaning you work directly with owner Donald Roberts professional piano tuner/technician.
Piano Maintenance & Care
To maintain your piano properly, you need to have a qualified piano tuner/technician like myself to tune and service your piano at least twice a year. For new pianos, or newly restored pianos, tuning should be done 4 times a year for the first 2 years. After this initial period, you can resume having your piano tuned only twice a year.
Donald Roberts, Piano Tuning in Drexel Hill, PA

For pianos that haven't been tuned or serviced in many years, a succession of 2 to 3 tunings will need to be performed 1 month apart from each other to get your instrument up to standard pitch, which we call A-440. When you have Don tune your piano, he not only adjusts the strings to the right tension, but also checks for any potential problems. This helps you avoid major repair work and saves you money.

Pianos are constructed mainly of wood, which expands in the summer from excess humidity and contracts in the winter from excess dryness. I strongly recommend purchasing climate control systems, which are made solely for pianos. I've been installing these systems for over 25 years now. I continue to have great success with major changes in the stability of the piano after installation.

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