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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why do I need to get my piano tuned?
A: There is much more to pianos than just 3 pedals and white and black keys. Inside, you find approximately 220 strings, 88 hammers that hit the strings to make the sound, and many other parts in between the keys and the hammers that cause the notes to play.

There are 12 different steps that take place in between the time you press down on the key and when the hammer hits the string. Over time, these steps become out of kilter, or what we call "out of regulation." In order to take care of this problem, piano actions need to be regulated.

Q: What is piano regulation?
A: Keys need to be leveled. How far the key goes down, or the "key dip," needs to be regulated. The hammers' distances from the strings have to be set. Proper let off and checking needs to be established. All dampers need to be uniform and function properly. Hammers need to be resurfaced, or sometimes replaced, depending on how much the piano is used.

Action screws need to be tightened and hammers need to be "spaced," or lined up directly with the strings. Various springs within the action need to be either regulated or replaced. Felt and buckskin need replacement, and glue joints need to be re-glued if the old glue has dried out. The contact points also need lubrication.

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